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 Volume Viewer

The Volume Viewer is the main module of the system. It displays 3D data by a technique called "Direct Volume Rendering". The whole volume data is displayed directly without further conversion of the geometry like surface construction algorithms (marching cubes). The result is a natural and clear representation of the volume data.
The volume object can be rotated and scaled in real-time by the left and right mouse button.

The volume data can be processed by several functions (see
Functions page for more information):
- a surrounding frame cube can be displayed,
- the frames per second can be displayed,
- a Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) can be enabled,
- the resolution of the volume texture can be choosen between low, medium and high resolution,
- the clipping volume can be adjusted by the position of the left, right, rear, front, lower and upper side,
- all 3 angles of the clipping volume can be free adjusted in order to tilt it,
- level / window settings,
- different color lookup tables,
- the transparency function can be adjusted just like the level / window settings,
- a lighting function can be enabled, which produces more vivid views (ambient and diffuse parts can be set seperatly),
- the camera can be turn in x-, y- and z-axis and can be rotated for an animation sequence.
- a stereoscopic view can be turned on for anaglyph views with support for red/blue, blue/red, green/red and red/green glasses.

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